Delivery Time for Wedding Photos and Wedding Video



What it takes to get your photos and video to you after your wedding.


“You’re wedding was yesterday and you are still trying to recuperate from months of planning culminating into one epic day…. And you’re asking yourself, “I wonder when I get to see my photos?…”

Our photo and film studio has a workflow that makes sure the turnaround time for photos and video is quick and informative.


Wedding Photography:

Typically the weekday after your wedding, I scour the 5k+ photos taken from all my cameras used and place them safely on a harddrive. After I do a second review and choose the strongest images to make a gallery of anywhere from 700-900 images. The selected images are then backed up to a separate harddrive. Your images are then added into our editing queue and our editor gets right to them. From there “Editing” takes about 3-5 days. Once completed,  a final review of the gallery takes place to make sure the images are consistent with my brand. Your images are then exported to two separate harddrives and then finally uploaded to an online gallery. The final gallery should be ready to view within 7-9 days from your wedding. Couples should always be aware that there are multiple weddings in the review, editing, and delivery queue. The most recent event will be at the bottom of the queue. 

Note: across the industry, the standard delivery time for a wedding gallery is anywhere from 4-12 weeks. My goal is the have them to you in under 4 weeks.


Wedding Videography: 

Editing your wedding film takes a little more pre and post planning from both our parts. I send out a questionnaire to collect needed info for editing purposes such as music selection, text info, and key moments to highlight. Having this info minimizes the need for film revisions. 

The weekday after your wedding, the memory cards are backed up to two hard drives; a master drive and the other is sent to my editor. A set of films can take up to 6 weeks from submitting of questionnaire. Our quickest turnaround time for films has been 4 weeks while the longest was 8 weeks. Once you’ve receive your films, you will have two weeks to submit any revisions. Revision clause can be found in your contract.


Knowing what to expect from your wedding photographer’s process will help avert frustrations. I know you both will be anxious to view your wedding photos and videos. Thank you ahead of time for being patient as we craft the memories of your special day.