More About Your Temecula Wedding Photographer




I still remember the day I launched my first photography website. I sat there for hours trying to come up with a bio about myself. I took a long look back into my life and saw what shaped me and brought me to where I am today.


First and foremost I thank Jesus for showing me grace and mercy in a way that outpours into my life as a father, son, brother, friend, and businessman.


I grew up in a loving home with brothers, dogs, chickens, cows and horses. I’m very close with my family and I would do anything for them. We are South American (Peruvian and Colombian) so our family is pretty loud, blunt, affectionate… and I love it. My favorite is when you’re sitting at a family gathering and all you hear is laughter, the smell of strong coffee, and some lit chisme.


Being a father has really shaped me a lot these past several years. I have a son named Jonah and we are extremely close. Nothing has tested my patience more than being a dad, but I’m super grateful for the man I’ve become because of it. Jonah and I were able to travel all over Colombia, Peru, and Hawaii in the last couple of years and we shared some amazing memories. I wanted to get him used to seeing other parts of the world and expanding his horizons. I plan to travel with him at least once a year. Oh, and there’s this amazing girl named Rosie. I love her incredibly so and hope to one day marry her.


My journey as an artist started when I was four. My grandfather, a fantastic artist, taught me how to draw and I took right to it. I was drawing cartoon characters, animals, and landscapes. My imagination never ceased to create artwork. My homework was always filled with doodles and sketchbooks were always nearby. I took up photography in highschool when I got a camera my senior year 2009. Eventually I upgraded cameras and shot my first string of weddings for a few friends in 2012.


It wasn’t until late 2013 when I got my first full frame DSLR camera, a Canon 6D with a 24-70mm lens. I still remember the day… I snapped some photos of my son’s first bubble bath. I can still hear the sounds, smell the surroundings, and recall the emotions I was feeling. I guess that’s one of my favorite things about being a photographer. Kind of like time travel in a way. 




In my rookie years of photography, I was a bartender at a local winery in Temecula; Danza Del Sol Winery. I would pass out my card and hope people would take a chance on me as their photographer. The only experience I had was taking photos for several friends’ weddings. Slowly I would gain a few more and eventually was being recommended by friends and coworkers. My first year I photographed 8 weddings. The numbers doubled the following year, then tripled the year after that. I eventually added wedding films and my business grew even more! It has been a long and difficult journey to get here but I’m glad I kept faith and didn’t give up (which I almost did). Over the years I’ve worked for free (alot), changed editing styles dozens of times, said yes to any opportunities, and built strong relationships with vendors, venues, and businesses. I’ve spent thousands on camera gear, computers, etc. and went full time in 2016. I now have a great team that helps me shoot, edit images/ films, and manage social media. I have found that by staffing my weaknesses, I can do what I do best; run the business, shoot on location and connect with my couples, families, and clients. I believe in a healthy work/life balance.


My favorite part about wedding photography is taking it all in. I photograph in some of the most beautiful places and surrounded by such loving and caring souls. I love to see families celebrate and enjoy their love for one another. I love to search for those moments that seem to pass by in an instant. I love the emotion, color and most of all, I love the people. Listening to their stories and getting to know more about them brings me great joy. The finishing touch is the adrenaline rush I get when I capture “that shot.”


Here are some random things about me in no particular order for no particular reason 

  • Anything and everything tropical is automatically my favorite

  • 90s Sitcoms and The Office are my Netflix and chill favorites

  • Bodybuilding keeps me sane and flexible

  • I’m a healthfood enthusiast and find satisfaction in buying groceries. Oh the rush…

  • All about that food prep life. 

  • I go hiking when I need to ponder life questions

  • Travel is my favorite form of inspiration. 

  • I can speak spanish fluent enough to get stranded south of the border

  • Travel photography is my favorite type of photography

  • Batman of course

  • The Bible is my favorite book

  • Thai Food is my favorite type of Asian cuisine

  • You’ll always find me sipping on a raw coconut

  • Send me all the Memes

  • Coffee, how could I forget coffee. God bless that species of berry