Top 9 things Not to Do at your Wedding




I’m sure you’re probably drowning in wedding advice but here are some helpful tips to maximize your wedding day experience from a photographer’s point of view.


  • Don’t wait to book your vendors. If you’ve been eyeballing a photographer on Instagram, or the best MC in town, chances are they are booked if you wait too long. Booking at least 10-12 months in advance is a good amount of time. Venue, Photo/video, and MC/DJ should be top on your list.

  • Don’t haggle with vendors if their pricing it way out of your budget. Some vendors can be flexible but others have to function at that rate due to various factors. Be up front about the budget you set aside for that particular service. Most vendors will offer payment plans, bundles, and off season rates.


  • Don’t get wasted: This goes for the bridal party as well. Know your bridal party and know that type of booze you’ll be having. Liquor can be dangerous prior to the ceremony. Champagne and beer are better options. You can totally tell if you’re drunk in photos. Save the shots for the reception when all your portrait photos are done with.

  • Don’t try to control everything: The last thing you want to do is play the role of coordinator or stylist the day of your wedding. Hopefully you have someone for that and plenty of help from family and friends. You should be enjoying the day, sipping on champagne, getting your hair did with your squad.


  • Don’t try to fit every trending wedding fad: Stick to a few festivities and let your guests get to the dance floor, bar, or photobooth. Stopping the music to announce and direct your guest’s attention can throw off the vibe.

  • Don’t allow phones during your ceremony. Unplugged ceremonies are becoming more common. Having everyone with a phone in their face doesn’t look good in photos or in video. It’s the worst when a guest steps in the aisle to snap a pic while we are trying to get a photo or film the ceremony. The window for candid photos is very small. Anyone in our way could ruin the shot.


  • Do not use spray tan or tanning creams. The camera will pick it up and indoor lighting will reveal a multitude of sins. Get some sun at least 3 weeks prior to your wedding or use a tanning bed.

  • Don’t forget to have fun: Your wedding is a party and you should be the ones enjoying it the most. Soak in every moment and don’t overcomplicate things. Couples that have the simplest weddings enjoy them the most. When it comes to your wedding day, it’s all about quality over quantity.

  • Don’t skip on the entertainment: Your wedding only happens once. Might as well make it a party to remember. Having a form of entertainment will wow your guests and create stories for years to come. Photobooths, live painters, live musicians, or a mariachi band totally elevates the experience of your celebration. Donut bars and pizza bars are also a great option to have as the reception goes into the night.