All About Wedding Videography



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When planning a wedding, it makes life so much easier when your questions are answered quickly. That way you can move on to hiring your next vendor. Searching for wedding vendors can be pretty time consuming and drawn out… Or you can totally click with them because you love their work, they have exactly what you’re looking for and offering above what you were expecting. After photographing and filming weddings in Temecula for over 5 years, I have developed a cinematic style of filming weddings and providing couples with heirlooms they can cherish for years to come. Here is everything you need to know about wedding videography coverage.  


Searching and Budgeting

More often than not, newlyweds regret not having their wedding day filmed. For decades we have been scarred by horribly done wedding films with shaky footage, big hair, and probably still on VHS. If you’re on the fence about having a wedding video, I would dig a little deeper into your budget and see the tremendous value of having your entire wedding experience documented and told in a cinematic way.

Here are some excuses I hear from couples who are on the fence or price shopping the hell out of everyone and regretting their decision:

“Photos are enough, right?”

Yes photos are just lovely to have, but they only capture a still moment rather than the overall experience. Video captures the unfolding emotion and cannot be compared to still photography. Which is better, a movie poster or the actual movie? You catch my drift?

“Video is to too expensive!”

Yes, however, the best value you can add to your wedding experience are the tangible memories you’ll walk away with. Your decor, dress, and overall experience is the most important part of your wedding day. Having a quality video team document it all and being able to offer an immersive experience is priceless.

“We want a film but don’t know what’s included for such a steep price.”

Most of our newlyweds have multiple films made to fully enjoy their viewing experience. For example, Lindsey and Jeff had us film their wedding for 6 hours and requested we make them a Trailer, Highlight, and Ceremony film. They loved the variety so much that they decided on having a Reception Film added after. 

“we love them! Can we have a film edited of the speeches? We felt those moments we want to remember entirely.”

Candace and Micheal wanted more value from their wedding coverage so they opted for only the Full Feature film, so they could enjoy their wedding from beginning to end in one film.

Thank you so much for the beautiful video! We alove love so impressed with how it came out. Your work is amazing. Thank you again for your kind customer service.

“One cameraman is enough, right?”

Pshh, “AS IF!” How do you think we’re able to get all those point of views, drone shots, audio clips, and stable footage? Having two cameraman ensures the most memorable and candid events are captured. You don’t want your cameraman fumbling around with all their gear while precious moments are unfolding across the room. All of our films displayed in the gallery are filmed by two cameramen.

“What is filmed during the wedding day?”  

At every wedding we film: the ceremony, speeches, and first dance with multiple cams in their entirety. We also film scenes of getting ready, decor, ambiance, guest interactions, emotional expressions, and in some cases aerial footage. Our couples always decide after the fact to add on extra film edits, so we film with those intentions. There is nothing worse than going back to your wedding videographer and requesting more footage only to find out you only have one angle and very little of it. When looking for a wedding videographer, it is very important to specify what type of film you are wanting in the end. We film with intention to build a story of your day.


Film Selections and what to Expect

Many newlyweds may only want one film made, while others request multiple films made to enhance the viewing experience. We capture a lot of footage. So much footage that you will need a 100gb harddrive to store the files. The last thing you want to do is sort through hundreds of clips of unedited video to relive your wedding day. Having separate films edited helps to spread the footage out. In the end, all you’ll want to do is press the play button and enjoy.

Teaser Film: one minute film to share on social media. (A la carte: $200)

Highlight Film: The Standard Wedding film covering all hours filmed and edited in a cinematic style. Film run time ranges from 5-8 minutes. (A la carte: $700)

Extended Highlight Film: Edited exactly like the Highlight Film but with more footage from ceremony and speeches and overall day. Film run time is 12-15 mins. (A la carte: $900)

Feature Film: Film is edited in Chronological order and features full ceremony, speeches, first dance and a lot footage from all of our cameras used. Newlyweds love to have this film to enjoy once a year and look back on their full wedding day. Film run time is 30+ minutes. (A la carte: $600)

Ceremony Film: We film your ceremony with multiple cameras and record your vow audio to stitch into the film. It will feature ceremony details as well. (A la carte: $200)

Reception Film: A film featuring your grand entrance, first dance, speeches, cake cutting and reception decor along with some awesome dance moves from the party. (A la carte: $200)



Once you’ve booked, there is a little bit of input we need prior to the wedding day. It’s important that you let us know your timeline and if there will be any surprises or special performances during the event. All of our weddings are filmed with two cameramen. We have a lot of gear and the stakes are high when trying to film full portions of the day and having to be on the move constantly. 

Remember to think about how you want that day to feel, then start thinking of music that best fits that feeling. Do you want your film to be edgy, folky, romantic, upbeat, elegant? Start thinking about that so we can give creative direction to the cameramen and editor.

The Wedding Day 

A standard wedding day will most likely require 6-8hrs of coverage. If you want us to capture getting ready and grand exit, 8 hours of coverage is ideal. We need at least 30 mins prep time prior to the ceremony, so it’s important to plan things such as first look and bridal party portraits at least an hour before your ceremony. One cameraman will be with the bride and the other with the groom. Typically, the cameraman that’s with the groom will prep for ceremony while the other is still with the bride. Once the ceremony begins, we try our best to remain out of site but also maneuver if conditions change. During cocktail hour, one cameraman will stay with newlyweds while the other cameraman goes to reception area to cover guests, decor, and prep for grand entrance/speeches. During the reception, both cameramen are covering different parts of the party and documenting the ambiance of your evening. Many of our couples tell us they hardly noticed we were there (as we intend to so your guests can be fully present.) For your exit, we will coordinate with your photographer on how to capture the shot.



The weekday after your wedding, gigabytes of data (over 100GB to be exact) will be transferred to two harddrives. The process takes a few hours. Once the footage is on both drives, the memory cards are preserved for safekeeping until the project is completed. One harddrive is sent to our editor to start on your films. We can only proceed with editing once the questionnaire is filled with the necessary information. The editing process can take as little as 4 weeks and no more than 8 weeks during our busy seasons. The editing time frame starts once the questionnaire is submitted. Once your films are complete, they will go through a screening by me (Nick) to ensure the films are ready for delivery. 


All of our films are delivered with a download and viewing link from vimeo. Your films will remain online but highly recommend you download and save your films across your devices or cloud storage spaces. 



Upon reviewing your films, you can request 2 rounds of revisions for each film that is edited. Here are the revision clauses:

-Revisions only cover scene omission or scene replacement and other technical errors on our end. If story-line is needed to be re-done, there is a $250 fee for film reconstruction. Music replacement is $75 per song (to match scenes with beats and crescendos of music). There is no fee if we just drop in the song without matching scenes to beat. Again, these fees only apply if major film reconstruction is needed. 

-All revisions must be submitted within 2 weeks of film delivery. All revisions passed the two weeks are subject to a $50 fee to re-open project, as we must put all current projects on hold to address your revisions. The longer you wait, the longer it will take to address those revisions.

You’re probably still trying to digest everything I just said but I promise you, it helps in making a final decision. Reach out with a call or email if you have any questions.