Barrel Room Surprise Proposal at Danza Del Sol Winery



Proposal in private Barrel room at Danza Del Sol Winery

Temecula Vineyard Proposal


Danza Del Sol Winery has a special place in my heart. Not too long ago (about 4 years) I was a bartender at this very winery. This is where I started my career in photography and met so many amazing people who took a chance on me. Now I have photographed over 20 weddings at the winery and absolutely love it when I book couples there. The vineyard view is the best in the valley and their wedding area makes you feel like you’re in Tuscany, Italy. note: the photos were taken in December

AJ reached out to Danza Del Sol’s event staff and planned a simple yet romantic surprise proposal for Cassidy. Walter, the event’s captain, reached out to me and booked my services to capture the moments unfold. Having the venue reach out to me made it more discreet on AJ’s end and we were able to communicate right up until the moment it happened. All AJ had to worry about was being present for their private wine tasting, The Danza Crew handled the rest.

Proposing off the cuff is still a good way to ask your true love to marry you. But having someone plan the romantic surprise in an exclusive spot is priceless and unforgettable.

Check out the moments unfold below!

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