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Torrey Pines beach Engagement Session

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Torrey Pines is one of my go to spots for Engagement Photos. Typically, we park at the top of the mountain and hike down to the beach while taking photos along the way. We usually stay until sundown so we have enough light to walk back up.

However, due to COVID freaking 19, the parking lot was closed so we had to park along the lagoon and walk about half a mile to get to the beach.

The torrey pines I remembered was always filled with people enjoying the water. Was kinda eerie seeing it all taped off and signs everywhere about social distancing.

It was nice getting to enjoy the beach, but hope that things go back to normal and we can enjoy the little things from before.

Kari and Paul are having their wedding in Iddyllwild at the Rainbow Inn. Their wedding day was supposed to be in May 2020 and they had to postpone until later this year for obvious reasons. If they had to postpone again, they would just elope at the courthouse and start their life together. Kind of like what Rosie and I did.