My Favorite Wedding Venues in Temecula, Ca



Temecula’s best wedding venues for the perfect wedding day


As a featured Temecula wedding photographer, I hear all the juicy details of couples searching for venues. It’s probably the most stressful task before finding a photographer. First you have to deal with a minimum/maximum guest count, alcohol choices, date availability, and overall privacy of your event from nosy bystanders.

In my 6 year career as a Temecula Wedding Photographer, I’ve had a wonderful experience of building relationships with most if not all of the wedding venues in Temecula. Most of my business is referrals from these venues.

Here are some of my favorite wedding venues in Temecula wine country.


Danza Del Sol Winery

Located off the De Portola wine trail, Danza Del Sol boasts a fresh Mediterranean vibe with breathtaking panoramic views. There are no nearby hills to block the sunset and is one the few venues were you can actually “see” rolling vineyards from the reception area. I have worked with the venue for the last 6 years and have always felt welcomed by their staff.

CA8A6869 (1).jpg

Your options are endless when it comes to photo locations. You can even request to have photos done in the barrel room (if it’s cleared on that particular day). If you want photos deep in the vineyards, they will shuttle you around with their golf cart, which is a huge time saver. Another perk is that during every season, their ceremony area remains green since their landscaping consists of evergreen trees. Their reception area is fully enclosed so staying warm/cool during your wedding is no problem at all. Their wines are some of the best in the valley with over 30 varietals.


One of the best qualities is the amount of privacy during your wedding. The reception area is totally separate from the tasting room and security is very effective about deterring wedding crashers (yes that’s a thing out here). You can view more about Danza Del Sol Winery here.


Mount Palomar Winery

Mount Palomar Winery is a hidden gem and is located off Rancho California road on one of the tallest hills in Temecula Wine country. Their ceremony site is perfect for a 150+ guest wedding and is the ideal venue for an outdoor reception. They also have a large barrel room in case of inclement weather.


As for photo locations, they have an unlimited amount of nooks and crannies to get amazing photos. From gardens, plazas, and Italian-Inspired Terraces, Mount Palomar does not disappoint. They also provide a golf cart to navigate the venue if you want to venture off into the vineyards. You also have the luxury of being totally separate from tasting room visitors. All reception, ceremony, and cocktail areas are gated off and secluded from the rest of the property. Check out Mount Palomar’s website here.

peltzer block-6473.jpg

Peltzer Cellars

Farmhouse weddings are all the rage now apparently. Peltzer Cellars is the perfect place if you want to go for that vibe. The ceremony area is really rustic and is filled with a lot of details so you don’t have to dress it up very much.

peltzer wedding ceremony

You also have two choices for your reception, outdoor under the trees or in their industrial styled crush house. As for photo op areas, there are soo many areas to utilize. A golf cart is also provided to visit areas around the venue for photos. Their BBQ styled catering is a favorite among guests since they grill everything on site while your guests are mingling.


They also have a large bridal suite for the ladies, and a cozy air stream for the guys. Peltzer tends to attract our ideal couples. They are adventurous, carefree, and just want to party! Some of our most memorable weddings have been at Peltzer’s. Check out their website here.


Side not: you can have your engagement photos done at the property as well! You’ll be able to explore more spots than you would on your wedding day.


Europa Village Winery

If you want your wedding to look like it took place at some exotic European venue, Europa Village is the place for you. Choose from any number of extraordinary locations inspired by the landscapes and architecture of Spain, Italy and France. I have the tremendous opportunity of being on their vendor’st list.


This winery is becoming a new favorite of mine because they have added so much to their landscaping and built a whole new winery with an inn and restaurant. The venue has a plaza feel and I love all the nooks and crannies for photos. The bridal suite is tucked away and has the perfect spot right outside for a first look or pre ceremony family photos.

Their food is amazing along with their fantastic team coordinators. I recently took part in a bridal event at Europa got some amazing shots in their “cave.” Its so moody and just the right spot of you have a wedding under 60 people. Check out their website here!


South Coast Winery Resort

South Coast Winery has gotten a great reputation for hosting some of Temecula’s most iconic events. The have everything you need to have your wedding, lodging, and dining all in one place.

Their villas are tucked away in the vineyards along with their picturesque ceremony lawn, the Rose Arbor. Most of the time, the bride and groom are given the villas right next to the Rose Arbor for convenience.



Their reception site lies in the heart of the winery and is the perfect place to have a summer wedding since the evenings are longer. Your guests are shuttled their if you plan on choosing a ceremony site from around the venue.

The coordinators are so great to work with and will always offer to drive us around the property on their golf cart for some golden hour photos with my couples. It’s pretty nostalgic going back to South Coast Winery since it was where I had my first job.

Learn more about the venue here.



Emerald Peak Venue

Nestled in the De Luz Mountains of Temecula, Emerald Peak Venue holds a special place in my heart. My brother started the venue in 2017 and our family built it up little by little. Now it is the hottest place to get married for carefree, laid-back, and outdoorsy couples.


The open style venue is perched on a hill that overlooks rolling hills of orchards and vineyards. The evenings are nice and breezy and the sunsets are breathtaking.

Even though the venue is all outdoors, they offer a bridal suite, onsite bathrooms, and a canopy tent lounge area. This is the perfect venue for DIY brides and couples wanting to have a festival style wedding. Market lighting is strung across the whole venue and sets the mood when the sun goes down.

Check out the website here and schedule a walk-through with my brother Jake. Visit website.


When it comes down to it, a Temecula wedding is guaranteed to be a successful wedding. The valley is booming with so many things to do in addition to your wedding. Wine tasting, casino, hot air balloons, and a great downtown area with stylish bars and restaurants. After calling Temecula my home for 20 years, I’m glad to be featured in the community as a trusted vendor and friend.

If you have questions about other venues, just reach out! I’ve photographed a wedding or event at almost every winery in Temecula.