Honeymoon Road trip to Arizona



Our three day trip from SoCal to Lake Powell and Flagstaff.



Usually when you get married, you picture yourself honeymooning in some exotic location like Hawaii or France. Well being that it was 2020, we had all the odds against us for such travel.

We decided to take a 4 day 3 night trip to Arizona from our home town of Temecula.


We found a couple of AirBnBs the night before and packed for the trip!


We took the 15 fwy to Vegas and through St. George, Utah and then dipped into the northern most part of Arizona into the small city of Page. Took us about 9 hours since we stopped several times for food and vitamin waters.

I’m more of a tropical beach type of person but I thoroughly enjoyed the rockscapes we passed by.

It brought back a nostalgic feeling of when I used to live in Wyoming as a boy. Nothing for miles and having that small town feel.

We entered the town and came across this huge damn! It was so amazing to see such a structure. AS cars drove over the canyon bridge, you could feel it shake and it made you shake with nerves!!


We took a drive to Lake Powell to take in some views. Had we more time, we would have rented a kayak and explore the lake. Sadly the iconic Antelope Valley Caves and Grand Canyon were closed due to the shutdown.

Our home rentals were actually really awesome! They were both located near restaurants and grocery stores. We packed a cooler to enjoy some meals and snacks at the house. We just wanted to relax soak it all in.


Horse Shoe bend was the highlight of the trip. The last time I saw something so immense was when I lived in Wyoming and seeing the canyons in Yellowstone. Rosie and I were blown away and praised God for such an amazing sight. We visited the site twice to experience both sunset and in full sunlight.


We then headed to Flagstaff to get a little shopping in and enjoy a sit down restaurant. The city is really developed but has that small town feel. The historic downtown is a nice place to walk around.

Overall our trip to Arizona was very special to both Rosie and I. We both experienced moments of nostalgia from our childhood and are excited to do the same with our kids.

Some of life’s most iconic moments happen on family roadtrips. I feel like we get too caught up with “instagram” type of travel that we forget the thrills of driving on the open road with a cooler and map.