Outdoor Wedding Venues in Temecula to have your wedding in 2020



Social Distancing and weddings in 2020


By now you are probably in panic mode trying to figure out how you will have your wedding in 2020 with the Coronavirus cancelling all events and closing down a lot of businesses. Worry no more, there are some amazing outdoor venues in Temecula that are more than happy to host your wedding celebration without sacrificing you experience.

So far I have shot 3 weddings since wineries and venues started to open back up. Here is a list of outdoor Temecula wedding venues that are allowing weddings to occur. I am here to offer some hope and help in any way I can.

Here are the Temecula Wedding Venues allowing weddings according to my booked couples and the info that was told to them. A little bird also said that Riverside County restrictions will lift around Sept. 5, or if Newsom is recalled 😉

Lorimar Winery

just had a wedding at Lorimar. The staff was very relaxed and the wedding went per usual. They have two outdoor areas for the reception. Perfect for late summer, fall and early winter weddings.

Leoness Cellars

I reached out to my October couple at Leoness and I asked if there was a guest limit. Here is what she said.

“They are basically taking a very loose interpretation on the order – just sticking to no in door dining. If all goes as hoped for the county, they said in door eating on Sept 8th & weddings back on the 22nd, so it’s possible we would be back into the barrel room by the 27th. I’m okay if they take their time on this though…since either way they’ve opened the terraces for us to be safe.

Galway Downs

My August 21st couple almost had to change venues since Galway was not going to let them have the reception there, only the ceremony. But thank God the venue compromised and is allowing for the reception since all three walls have open doors making it an out door venue… just no dancing…. They are having around 65 guests.

Morgan Estate

This private estate is a venue located right off of De Portola. I have a wedding there in October and they are all set to go.

South Coast Winery

My early September couple is still set to have their outdoor wedding at South Coast winery. They have a spacious outdoor reception area and have an on site restaurant for catering. Here is what my couple said when I asked about guest count. “The rules at the moment are 25% capacity or 100 guests for their indoor venue and outdoor venues are limited by the natural limits of the size/space. Basically our understand is as long as they can figure out the social distancing situation outside you are good to go. And we are basically getting around the no reception restrictions by calling it a private dinner and moving it up to the Vineyard Rose patio area.”

Peltzer Winery

Peltzer winery is still doing wedding and keeping up with social distancing and masks. Since the venue is entirely outdoors, they are able to host weddings. They are even offering shotgun weddings!

Emerald Peak Venue

And last but not least, Emerald Peak Venue. This outdoor festival styled venue is the perfect place to have your wedding if you need to drastically change your venue location. They are offering exceptional rates and allow over 50 guests no problem. My brother also happens to run the venue. Check it out!

Do not let the fear and panic ruin a beautiful memory. Sometimes weddings need to happen sooner than others due to many circumstances. So if you want to plan a wedding during this manufactured chaos, I say do it. I’ve seen plenty of families enjoy each other’s company and celebrate with a glad heart and that is all that matters.